At this writing, Belle is 27 years old -- which means that she is only 40 years younger than Skip. 


Skip says it is "OK" that Belle is an old woman now... because he likes older women.

[Just kidding, Belle.] 


She was born at the house of her parents in Barangay Saa, in the small town of Inabanga, on the Island of Bohol, in the Philippines.  Her father, Venerando Melecio, is a fisherman.  He fishes from a small row-boat.  Her mother, Casemera Melecio, is a house-wife and she takes care of Belle’s young brothers and sisters. 


Belle was the second of ten children, and she always helped her mother take care of the house -- the kids -- the marketing -- the cooking -- EVERYTHING ELSE -- etc. 


She also helped her father fish every day after school, on weekends, during school vacations, etc. 


Belle started working for a resort-restaurant chain, with multiple locations, immediately after she graduated from High School at 17 years of age.  She worked for the same company for almost nine years.  The company trusted her completely, and therefore she ended up managing the company’s payroll – money -- records of sales – tax records -- supplies – menus – etc.  Also, the cooks at the company's resorts taught her all of their recipes and secrets for cooking some of the best food in the world.


Belle now owns and manages all of the businesses here at “SKIP’S BEACH RESORT,” including the Hotel business, the Restaurant business, and the Videoke-Bar business. 


Skip is proud to say that he does not own ANYTHING here in the Philippines -- no property, no houses, no buildings, no cars, no motorcycles, no NOTHING


Skip's exact words were... "I don't even own a ball-point pen, man.


Belle knows the resort-restaurant business extremely well, and she uses her knowledge to make sure that her guests at Skip's Beach Resort get the very best accommodations and food, for the least amount of money


In other words, Belle does an excellent job as "manager" -- and Skip always helps her in the only way that he can (e.g. by keeping out of her way)


As Skip says... "I've got a tough job here at the resort, but somebody's got to do it." 




Skip has sole legal custody of his son Chip from a previous marriage-divorce. 


Skip and his son Chip met Belle at the restaurant where she worked.  Skip and Chip dated Belle (as a team) for more than one year, and they both fell in love with her.  Therefore, “they” married Belle on January 11, 2005.


Chip's "baby brother" (Flip) was born 14 months after the wedding.    


Therefore Belle’s business “associates” (by marriage or by birth) are now as follows


    DeWelle Ferguson [Chip] Ellsworth, IV    (age 12 ................born on May 4, 1995)

    DeWelle Ferguson [Flip] Ellsworth, V       (age 23 months....born on March 20, 2006)
    DeWelle Ferguson [Skip] Ellsworth, II      (age 69..................born on May 26, 1939) 


Chip says he is VERY happy that he now has a mother that is "here" for him 24 hours per day -- that never goes "anywhere" without him -- that does "everything" with him -- that attends every one of his PTA meetings -- that deals with his school problems -- that helps him with his homework -- that goes bike riding with him -- that goes motorcycle riding with him -- that never leaves the house without him -- and that is obviously always only thinking of what is best for him


The following photo was taken on Skip and Belle's first wedding anniversary.  Chip made the "Anniversary Card."  Belle was very pregnant when this photo was taken.


Flip was born at Chong Hua Hospital in Cebu City on March 20, 2006.   At this writing, he is seven months old.  He is very strong for his age, and he exercises by strolling around almost constantly.  However, he still needs to hold on to things while he is strolling.  When he learns how to walk without holding on, he will probably be a very difficult boy to keep track of.   In one of the photos (below) Flip is showing Belle how to make a computer do tricks.  Also, he uses the remote almost as well as Belle does.



At this time it seems like Flip is walking and talking 24 hours per day, seven days per week.  He is constantly exploring, examining, learning, and trying to communicate.  It is an awesome experience.  In many ways he has already turned into a little "man." 



Here are photos of Belle's mother and father.  The photos were taken while they were visiting us from the Island of Bohol.  These people have a huge amount of "serenity" and "natural dignity."  Each of them also has an excellent sense of humor.  We always laugh and joke a lot when they are here, even though neither one of them speaks one word of English. 


(all of whom live and work at SKIP'S BEACH RESORT):

The following two handsome boys are non-identical twins.  The one on the left is named Albert Anabieza Melecio -- and the one on the right is named Abel Anabieza Melecio.


The gentleman directly below is named Juanicio Melecio Anabieza.  He is Belle's cousin, and he also lives here. 


The girl directly below is Belle's sister, Ahmee.  Her full name is Amelia Anabieza Melecio.  She is 18 years old.  She has lived with us for two years, while attending school -- and she recently graduated from Daanbantayan National High School.  She works for Belle at SKIP'S BEACH RESORT, and she is a very lovely girl.  All of Skip's buddies are in love with Amelia but so far she has never had a date with a boy.  Skip tells his buddies, "Don't even dream about it, guys.  I would have to kill you twice.


Whoops... the description (above) of Ahmee was written a few months ago.  She is now married to Skip's good friend and business associate, Steve White -- and they are in the process of living "happily ever after."  The following two photos were taken at breakfast, the day after the wedding. 



The two kids directly below are Belle's youngest brother and sister.  They too are "non-identical" twins. They are very nice kids -- always smiling -- and always so shy that they will hardly speak to anyone.  The boy's name is Amelio Anabieza Melecio, and the girl's name is Amelita Anabieza Melecio.  They both live at SKIP'S BEACH RESORT, and they attend school on a full-time basis.




"The objector and the rebel who raises his voice against what he believes to be the injustice of the present and the wrongs of the past is the one who moves the world along."
Clarence S. Darrow -1857-1938 Source: Address to the Court, The Communist Trial, People v. Lloyd, 1920

"The right to defy an unconstitutional statute is basic in our scheme. Even when an ordinance requires a permit to make a speech, to deliver a sermon, to picket, to parade, or to assemble, it need not be honored when it's invalid on its face."
Justice Potter Stewart : (1915-1985), U. S. Supreme Court Justice Source: Walker v. Birmingham, 1967

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