"The greatest of all spiritual practices is to transform love into service."
Sai Baba





Our room-rates run from 1,000 Pesos per night to 1,600 Pesos per night -- approximately $20 to $33 U.S., depending upon the exchange rate.  


These prices are as low as we can make them. 


Frankly, if our prices were any lower, we could not cover any meaningful portion of our expenses here regarding such things as the staff -- electricity --  municipal water -- DSL line -- cable TV -- satellite dish -- telephone -- air-conditioning -- maintenance of the facility -- laundry service -- food -- boats -- bicycles -- vans -- motorcycles (we often go riding with our guests when they rent motorcycles in Daanbantayan) -- etc.


In other words, we could not recover enough of our own expenses if we lowered our prices any further, and therefore we would need to close our doors.


                    Because of our personal belief in the Golden Rule (i.e. “Do unto others as you would have them
                    do unto you.”)
we keep our room-rates as low as we can – and we offer as many FREE services
                    as we can.


Air-conditioning -- Cable TV -- free use our wireless DSL internet connection -- free use of our sail-boats for local use -- free use of our bicycles for local use -- free songs in our videoke -- free use of our library -- free use of our excellent beach for swimming and walking -- free use of our tire-inner-tubes for swimming -- and the list goes on.   Please see our home page for a list that is more complete.

NOTICE:   Most of the hotels where our guests stay in Cebu City (on the way to our beach resort) charge at least $20. U.S. per night.  Of course, that does NOT include a good beach for swimming -- and it does NOT include all of the other things we offer here for free. 

                  Frankly, we always try to offer our guests the best value for the least amount of money.

It costs much less to stay at Skip's Beach Resort than it costs to live in a dumpy apartment in most American cities -- especially considering the high costs in America of such things as electricity, water, cable TV, food, transportation, laundry, etc.  Therefore, many of our guests stay here for months at a time -- and they return often.  We love it


                                 OUR "THOUGHTS FOR THE DAY" ARE AS FOLLOWS... 

               "We should become a solution to the world's immense and protracted suffering, rather than continuing
               to be part of the cause."
Hugh Prather - Author, minister --

                  "Those who seek to destroy the liberties of a democratic nation usually realize that involving that
               nation in a war is the surest and fastest way to accomplish their goal."

                  Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859)

 "A nation or person which prefers to live with the loss of freedom rather than to live with some
              danger is ready to be enslaved and deserves it":

                 Alexander Hamilton