The personal information about Skip and his family is included on this site only because a great many of our new customers-guests come from Asian countries where there are sayings similar to the following:  "Never do business with a man until you know his parents -- his children -- his grand children -- his great-grandchildren --  and the birthdates and interests of each." 

When the Asians repeat those types of sayings, they often laugh as though they are joking.  However, amidst the laughter they none-the-less admit that this philosophy is often an important part of their culture. 

Because of this Asian philosophy, we know that many of the resort's potential Asian guests (especially the older ones) will view this site as being an "introduction" to Skip and his family.  Consequently, in order to show proper respect towards our Asian brothers and sisters, we feel obliged to include a considerable amount of information about Skip -- and his family -- on this site. 

Thank you for your patience...

 Our son, DeWelle Ferguson [Chip] Ellsworth IV -- the fourth:



Chip was born on May 4, 1995.  Skip has sole custody of Chip as a result of a divorce from Chip’s natural mother, Elvie Chiong (a Filipina of Chinese descent).  Chip is a citizen of the Philippines.  At this writing, he is 12 years old, and in the fifth grade. He has traveled with Skip to many different countries.  In fact, Chip recently advised us that he has flown across the Pacific Ocean with Skip on 32 different occasions.  He has traveled with Skip to America -- Canada -- Mexico -- Korea -- Thailand -- Cambodia -- Laos -- Burma (Myanmar) -- Indonesia -- Malaysia -- Singapore -- Hong Kong -- Kowloon -- Macau -- many of the largest cities in China -- many of the islands in the Philippines -- many of the beautiful tropical islands in the Sulu Sea and the South China Sea -- etc.  Chip speaks three languages fluently.  He can converse intelligently regarding American law – martial arts – log homes – many different cultures – traveling – socio-economic freedom – etc. He is familiar with many different cultures, and therefore he is one of the “hippest” young men we have ever met.  As people often observe, “Chip is twelve years old – going on 30.”


Chip has a band called CHIP AND THE LUCKY CHIPS.  He normally plays Bass, but he can also play the drums -- the guitar -- sing -- and act as the "MC."  The other members of his band are 18 to 21 years old, and Chip is only 12.  However, he still manages to make things work.  So far they have played four professional gigs, and they have more in the pipeline.   Below (in the photos from left to right) is Chip on drums -- Chip's group getting ready to leave the beach and set up for a gig -- the group on stage, with Chip (in yellow) playing bass -- the group on a break -- the venue.


Chip has been riding motorcycles with Skip since he was six years old.  Therefore, he is a very good rider.  He and his dad often go for long rides at the north end of the Island of Cebu, where the back-country roads and trails are awesome.  The photos below (left to right) are as follows:  Chip at age six, on his small Yamaha (called a "Chappy" -- with an "a"), which was probably made exclusively for the Asian market -- Chip by his Yamaha, which was parked behind Skip's bigger bike -- Chip on his bike, next to Belle's Honda Dream -- Chip getting ready for his first solo ride on the big bike.  Chip now has a Honda "Wave," which is one of the best bikes in the world for someone his age.  In this country, there is no way to keep a kid away from motorcycles, and therefore Skip thought the best course of action would be to teach Chip how to ride at an early age (so it would become "second-nature" to him) -- and also to make sure the boy rides one of the best bikes available. 


Chip attends the Bright Minds Academy in Daanbantayan, which is an excellent school.  Chip is always winning scholastic awards -- even when competing against High School students from throughout the island.  Here are a few of the medals he won in one of the most recent contests.  The banner-photo was taken last year.  This year he won three "FIRST PLACES" and one "FOURTH PLACE."  Now, in the year 2007, Chip was elected President of the entire student body of his school -- he was also elected President of his sixth grade class -- he was chosen to be the leader of the school's marching band -- he was chosen to represent his school in the scholastic competitions (he won the only trophy for the school) -- he was chosen to be the Editor of the School Paper (e.g. THE BRIGHT PEN) -- he was chosen to be the Troop Leader of his Boy Scout Troop -- he is currently practicing Martial Arts, etc.



This was
s part of an all-day festival at his school.  The motorcade started at 7 AM and the formal dance didn't end until 8:30 PM.  There were four runners-up for both the PRINCE and the PRINCESS, but as usual Chip came out on top and was elected “PRINCE.”  That boy never fails to amaze us.  During the festival Chip was called upon to make two impromptu speeches and he handled both of then like a total professional.  [Move over Johnny Carson.] 

Little Chip will be two years old soon.  Having that boy in the house is like living with a run-away (but lovable) Sherman Tank.



Skip made sure that Chip became active in the BOY SCOUTS.  In Skip's opinion, the knowledge that Chip acquires from his association with the Scouts will definitely help him to become a successful and honorable man.  This photo shows what a Boy Scout Uniform looks like in this area (e.g. shorts -- a short sleeve "T" shirt with an insignia over the heart -- a green bandana with an insignia at the back).  Your dad is very proud of you, Chip.  


Chip at the Great Wall -- the Terra Cotta Figurines -- Tiananmen Square -- the Forbidden City -- etc.  At that time we were traveling with one of our very best friends, John Gillooley. 



At many formal occasions in this culture, men wear white "see-through" shirts called BARONGS.  Chip is kneeling in the center.


Chip is a very "engaging" conversationalist.  He can walk up to anyone -- of any age (e.g. at airports, bus stations, train stations, at shopping malls, etc.) -- and start a conversation that will sometimes last for hours.   He can discuss many subjects intelligently, and people are usually amazed by his ability to do so.  Not surprisingly, women of all ages totally LOVE this guy.




Our son, DeWelle Ferguson [Flip] Ellsworth V (the fifth):


Little Flip was born on March 20, 2006.   He is one of the happiest babies we have ever seen.  He smiles and laughs almost constantly. 


Flip on the day he was six months old.



The photos of Flip (directly below) were taken on Skip and Belle's second wedding anniversary -- January 11, 2007.  Flip is eating an apple with his friend, the bear.  The bear was a Christmas gift from Skip's cousin, George Earl Cook, of North Bend, Washington. 





THE PHOTOS BELOW ARE OF FLIP AT THE AGE OF TEN MONTHS -- WITH HIS FRIEND, IVORY. By the time Flip was 12 months old, he could climb over the rail -- lower himself to the ground -- and run away.  If we didn't stop him he would probably end up in Zamboanga.



The photo below was taken when Flip was 16 months old.  As our martial arts brothers will undoubtedly notice, Flip is in the process of doing a Kung Fu form.  Essentially, he is in the "MA BO" position (i.e. the "horse-rider's-stance"), as he blocks an imaginary kick with his right arm.  Obviously, this boy is ready for the U.F.C.  Prepare to lose, Tito...       :-)



In the following photos Chip is teaching Flip how to use a computer.  The last time we checked on those boys they were communicating with some chicks in Rio de Janeiro.  Now the boys will probably want money for air-fare.  :-)



The photos below are of "just another day at the office" for Chip and Flip.  This time they are communicating with some girls from America.





The following photos are of Belle, working on her part-time modeling career, at the insistence of Chip and Skip.


Chip and Skip “dated” Belle for more than a year, and they both fell in love with her.   It finally got to the point where Chip looked his dad squarely in the eye, and said very seriously, “Daddy… don’t let this chick get away from us.” Therefore, Skip and Chip married Belle on January 11, 2005.  The marriage started out “perfect” and it just keeps getting better and better with each passing day.





Here are two photos of Skip and Belle's wedding -- on January 11, 2005




Here are Skip, Belle, and Chip at the airport in Bangkok -- while on their  HONEYMOON.  The word "honeymoon" refers to an American custom whereby a bride and groom take a "vacation" together in order to celebrate their marriage."



The first two photos were taken before everyone showed up for the party and the mad-house began.  We set the table for ten -- but thirty people showed up.  We took the photos in haste before the crowd arrived.  It was an awesome party. 


The baker must have gotten confused because she put "67" on the cake instead of "27."

Skip's exact words were, "Why did they add 40 years to my age ???"  :-)


Many of Skip's American friends (former students from America) helped celebrate the happy occasion.  Six of his student-friends are now living in the same small town as Skip -- but there are hundreds of others scattered throughout the rest of the Philippines.  Almost everyone that comes to the Philippines to visit Skip ends up staying here permanently. 


At the party, Skip made a speech in which he announced that his next 11 children will definitely be born in the Philippines. 



Three of the student-friends pictured above ended up marrying girls that previously worked for Skip.  To date, six of Skip's former employees have married guys that come to visit Skip, or that are guests at the hotel.  We love to see the happiness. 




This was a "joint" party -- to celebrate Christmas AND Steve White's birthday on the following day. 




"Where is it written in the Constitution, in what article or section is it contained, that you may take children from their parents and parents from their children, and compel them to fight the battles of any war in which the folly and wickedness of the government may engage itself? Under what concealment has this power lain hidden, which now for the first time comes forth, with a tremendous and baleful aspect,  to trample down and destroy the dearest right of personal liberty? Who will show me any Constitutional injunction which makes it the duty of the American people to surrender everything valuable in life, and even life, itself, whenever the purposes of an ambitious and mischievous government may require it? ... A free government with an uncontrolled power of military conscription is the most ridiculous and  abominable contradiction and nonsense that ever entered into the heads of men."
Daniel Webster- (1782-1852), US Senator Source: Speech in the House of Representatives, January 14, 1814

"If any question why we died, tell them it was because our government lied."
Rudyard Kipling

The greater the state, the more wrong and cruel its patriotism, and the greater is the sum of suffering upon which its power is founded.”
Leo Tolstoy

When rich people fight wars with one another, poor people are the ones to die.”
Jean Paul Sartre 1905-1980, philosopher, writer, educator, regarded by scholars as one of the most important intellectuals of all time.

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