OUR HUGE BEACH (photos below...):


SKIPíS BEACH RESORT is located on one of the largest and best beaches in the Daanbantayan / Malapascua area.  It is a perfect beach for swimming. 


At "high tide" people can jump into the ocean from our sea-wall.   CLICK TO ENLARGE PHOTOS.



However, at "low tide" we can walk towards the ocean for almost one kilometer without even getting our feet wet -- AND we can walk more than two kilometers to the right, and more than one kilometer to the left. 


This means that at low tide we have many acres [hectares] of sandy beach here -- for strolling --  beach-combing -- exploring tide-pools -- sun bathing -- para-sailing -- etc.  CLICK TO ENLARGE PHOTOS.


OUR PERMANENT BEACH-FRONT GAZEBOS (BELOW) These can be used by ANYONE for free -- for relaxing, overnight-camping, picnicking, hanging out, partying, playing cards, reading, etc.  



INFLATED INNER-TUBES Ė FOR SWIMMING:  These are here for our guests to use for free.   


SNORKELING:  We have snorkeling equipment that our guests can use for free (when available).  At low tide we can walk out to the very long reef which is directly in front of our hotel, and approximately one kilometer from the shoreline.   The reef runs parallel to the shoreline, and it is approximately one mile long.  On the other side of the reef the water is very deep and perfect for diving, snorkeling and fishing. 


BOATING:  We have native-style sail-boats (with outriggers on both sides) that our guests can use for free.  They are ideal for exploring the local shoreline. 


During the week, we often have the beach entirely to ourselves. 


However, on weekends (especially on Sunday) we often have crowds of people, as shown in some of the photos above.


Our sea-wall (above) has stairs going down to the ocean.


The sunrise-photo was taken from the sea-wall of Skip's Beach Resort by "friend-guest-photographer-author" Steve White, who's other photos can be seen on his website (see "FREQUENT QUESTIONS" chapter). 




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