Many of our neighbors are local fishermen that live in small nipa houses (e.g. grass shacks made entirely out of local native material).  These efficient little homes can be built without spending any money at all -- using native material that comes directly from the land (e.g. bamboo, nipa leaves, vines for tying and fastening, etc.).  However, it saves a lot of time if we spend $2. U.S. to purchase a few nails, a small roll of wire, etc.


Here are a few homes that belong to our nearest neighbors.


NEAREST NEIGHBOR TO THE EAST:  This house (under construction) is on the property immediately to the east.


NEAREST NEIGHBOR TO THE SOUTH:  The house below is on the property directly to the south.


NEAREST NEIGHBOR TO THE WEST:  Our own FREE PUBLIC CAMPGROUND (with permanent shelters) is our nearest neighbor to the west. 


NEAREST NEIGHBOR TO THE NORTH:  The Visayan Sea is our nearest neighbor to the north.


The photo directly below is of a native-style house that is approximately four miles from the nearest land.  At "high tide" there is no island at all, which means that the house is completely surrounded by water and it looks just like you see it.  At "low tide" there is an island approximately the size of a football field.  The house has always been "available" whenever Skip has stopped by.  There are no locks on the door, and therefore it is used a lot by boaters, fishermen, divers, etc.  Skip has spent the night there on more than one occasion -- usually together with five or six other boatloads of people that just happened to be cruising in the area and also needed a place to stay.  On those occasions, everybody had an awesome time sharing food, beverages, catching fish, cooking, swapping stories, etc.



The following homes belong to some of our nearest neighbors.  These local fishermen and their families are among the friendliest and most hospitable people in the entire world.  Some of these families survive on a monthly income of less than $40. U.S. 



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