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The photos contained on these pages are just a "few" of the children whose lives have potentially been saved by the Alfonso Fund during the past four months. 



THE ALFONSO FUND pays for emergency medical care and medicine for injuries and diseases that often kill the "poor"  children who reside in these fishing villages -- farm villages -- etc.   

        NOTICE:  In these areas, many children die from broken bones (complicated
                       by infections) -- infected teeth -- wounds (often with infections) --
normal childhood diseases (and the complications that can result
                       from them)
-- parasites (e.g. worms, etc.) -- pneumonia -- TB --
Dengue Fever -- food poisoning -- high temperatures -- diarrhea --
                       dehydration -- etc.  Because infection are so common here (due to a
                       lack of knowledge regarding what causes them), almost ANY injury
                       can be FATAL if it is left untreated. 

                      Many of these children die simply because their families do not have
                      enough money to pay for minimal medical care.




1.    We live in a very poor rural area here in the Philippines.
2.    Many people in this community (e.g. fishermen, farmers, etc.) live in total poverty. 
3.    They live in small "native-style" homes (the size of your bathroom in America) that are built with
       bamboo, nipa leaves, and other native materials.
4.    Most of their families are large (it is not unusual for them to have 12 children -- or more).
5.    Severe malnutrition, injuries, and diseases are rampant in this area.
6.    When these children get sick, their parents almost never have enough money to get medical help.
7.    A huge number of children die here, simply because the parents can not provide medical care.
8.    These are good parents, and they love their children as much as you love yours.
9.    However, a lot of these parents are helpless to solve these "medical bill" problems on their own.
10.  Therefore, as you are reading this, many children are needlessly dying.   

Unfortunately, people who live in countries like America -- Canada -- England -- etc. -- are often so culturally myopic they don't realize that many children throughout the world are dying from medical problems that could easily be solved for the price of a hamburger at McDonald's. 


For many years, Skip Ellsworth has been paying as many of these medical bills as he could out of his own pocket -- with no help from anyone.  In this way, he has saved many lives. 

However, as word spread locally about his charitable work, so many people were coming to him for help that he could not keep up with the demand. 


THE ALFONSO FUND was established so other humanitarians from around the world can contribute to this life-saving program.   

We do NOT accept donations from Filipino Citizens that live in the Philippines. 

We have pledged to NEVER accept money from the people we came here to help.

We ONLY accept donations from people living abroad (e.g. America -- England -- Germany -- etc.).


1.   The Alfonso Fund pays for emergency medical care of poor Filipino children. 
2.   Our Posters are placed throughout the community -- on coconut trees -- in churches -- in the community
      hall (called the "Barangay Hall" in this culture).
3.   The community leaders send sick children to us, AND they are also help us "spread the word"
      about the ALFONSO FUND.
4.   A photo of one of our posters is attached below.
5.   At this time, we have already saved the lives of MANY poor Filipino children.

Unfortunately, we do not have enough money to take care of even a "fraction" of the children that need help.

                    For example, a few days ago we had enough money to pay for a child's
              "emergency" care, but not enough money to pay for the necessary
              "continuing" care (three days at the hospital in Bogo).

              Therefore the child died.  

                1.  Go to a Western Union Office anywhere in the world.
                2.  Use a WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER, to send whatever amount you can afford to the fund manager,
                     "Maribel Ellsworth"
                3.  The specific address to use is as follows:
                            Maribel Ellsworth [recipient]
                            Town of Daanbantayan
                            Island of Cebu
                            Philippines 6013 

               5.  After completing the transaction, please email the "MONEY TRANSFER CONTROL NUMBER" to us as soon as
                    possible -- along with the name of the sender -- and the amount sent. 
               6.  Our email address is as follows:
               7.  On behalf of the "poor" Filipino children, we thank you in advance.
               8.  All donations will be posted on the website -- with the name(s) of the donor(s) -- unless they wish to remain
               9.  The only donations that will not be posted are those donations that are quietly made by Skip Ellsworth, just by
                    putting his own money into the Fund account.  For accounting purposes, this simply results in the fund having
                    "extra" money.
             10. Absolutely every expenditure that is made by the fund is included (with receipts) in these Chapters.  Originally, we
                   would write a narrative explaining the situations that were involved with each patient.  Frankly, it is too time-
                   consuming to do that.  From now on we will simply include the name -- age -- and address of the patient -- along with
                   the amount (with receipts) that was spent on medication.
            11. Our book-keeping system is therefore the most accurate in the world -- we simply compare the amount of money that
                  was donated -- the amount that was spent for medication (as per the receipts) -- and the amount left over.  In other
                  words, there is no way that anyone can successfully steal from this fund. 


#1.  Absolutely EVERY PENNY of the money you send will be used to facilitate paying the medical
       expenses of poor children in this area -- children that would otherwise not receive medical care --
       children that might otherwise die.  

#2.  In other words, your money will NOT be used to pay for rent -- office equipment -- office furniture --
       telephones, internet connections -- email -- printing -- mailing --  postage -- gasoline -- items for
       anyone's personal use -- etc.


#1.  We can NOT pay any medical bills if there is no money left in the Fund.

#2.  Because of our limited funds, all of our payments are limited to 1,500 Pesos per patient, per occurrence. 




Today -- Monday, August 27 , 2007, at approximately 12 noon, a very sick baby was brought to our door.   The baby's name is Michael Barrientos.  He was born on November 11, 2006.  His parents are Allan and Rosa Barrientos, residing in Tapilon, Daanbantayan, Cebu. 

This child was only "skin and bones." He looked like a skeleton with skin stretched over it.   As soon as we saw him we knew that he was very ill and probably in the process of dying.   

The boy was accompanied by his aunt and uncle.  They told us that the boy's mother is in the same emaciated condition, but they had no way of bringing her to us because they could not carry her.

These people were brought to us by the Barangay Captain, Emelio Moralde.  The local LEADERS of the various communities in each Municipal Area of the Philippines are called "Barangay Captains." These are "elected" positions.  Captain Emelio Moralde is a retired seaman, and he was elected to this position because he is a very respected man in this community.  He is helping the Alfonso Fund save the lives of poor Filipino children in this community. 

We immediately arranged to have this sick child taken to the Dublin Hospital in Daanbantayan where he was examined by Dr. Dublin.   Because Dr. Dublin and his wife (also a medical doctor) are good Christian people -- and good friends of Skip -- there was no charge for the exam and diagnosis.

Dr. Dublin told us that the child would die from severe malnutrition if he did not receive proper treatment immediately -- that  the boy could not be treated in the Dublin hospital --  and that the child should therefore be brought to the Bliss Hospital in Daanbantayan. 

Skip and Belle immediately arranged to have the boy taken to the Bliss Hospital, where the same diagnosis (severe malnutrition) was made.   Unfortunately, the Bliss hospital was also not equipped to provide the long-term care that would be necessary in order to save this baby's life.   The doctor at the Bliss Hospital said that the baby should immediately be transported by ambulance to The Vincente Sotto Hospital in Cebu City -- which is approximately 3 1/2 hours away.  

Skip and Belle immediately called the ambulance -- and paid all of the expenses. 

                EXPLANATION:  Because of licensing problems, Skip can not transport "medical-emergency"
             passengers in his van.  Therefore, he can only "arrange" for transportation -- pay the expenses on
             behalf of a financial contributor (such as "you") -- and then follow the ambulance (if necessary) in
             his own private vehicle.

Prior to leaving the Bliss Hospital, the immediate expenses needed to be paid -- as follows:

1.  Transportation by motorcycle with side-car from Skip's Beach Resort to Dublin Hospital............................................20 Pesos
2.  Dr. Dublin's diagnosis (free because of Dr. Dublin's Christian principles and his friendship with Skip) ........................... Free
3.  Transportation to Bliss Hospital......................................................................................................................................................20 Pesos
4.  Treatment at Bliss Hospital.............................................................................................................................................................290 Pesos
5.  Ambulance from Daanbantayan to Cebu City........................................................................................................................1,500 Pesos
6.  Money for the hospital-medicine in the city, plus food-lodging for man and woman accompanying the child.......700 Pesos
7.  Total expenses to date...................................................................................................................................................................2,490Pesos
8.  Projected continuing expenses regarding this case.............................................................................................................. (unknown )

The above-described medical problem is typical of those that THE ALFONSO FUND pays for on a regular basis.

THE "GOOD" NEWS IS...  At first glance it appears that we saved a child's life !!!

THE "BAD" NEWS IS...  In the above-mentioned case, because of our lack of funds, we only "passed the problem on" to the Hospital in Cebu City.  In other words, the child still might die unless someone else comes forward to pay the rest of the expenses at that hospital. 

Regarding the above-mentioned case, we are sad to admit the following:

            1.  We did NOT have enough money to pay for the child's "continuing" medical expenses. 

            2.  We did NOT have enough money to provide the aunt and uncle with a place to stay in the city --
                 food -- etc. 

            4.  We seriously doubt if the hospital in the city will treat the baby without advance payment.  

            5.  We "KNOW" that the amount of money we sent with them ($15.22 U.S.) will even be enough to get
                 them through the first day hospital expenses and living expenses in the city. 

Frankly, we took this approach only because there was not enough money in our fund to pay all of the expenses.

We are constantly dealing with the sad fact that if we spent all of our money on only one child, there would be no money left in THE ALFONSO FUND to pay for the next five or six (?) children that needed emergency medical care. 

Because of our limited funds, we must always think of the old adage: 

      "Achieve the greatest good for the greatest number."

Fortunately, many of the cases that we handle (TO SAVE A LIFE) are much simpler than the one described above. 

In other words, a lot of our cases only involve one or two visits to a medical doctor -- a simple diagnosis -- a plaster-cast or a dressing -- a simple prescription (often involving life-saving antibiotics) -- a follow-up exam -- and a successful conclusion that is soon obvious to everyone, including the involved child. 


Unfortunately, the Alfonso Fund is a very small one.  For example:

                 This morning (August 27, 2007), THE ALFONSO FUND had a total of
                 6,000 Pesos on hand.  With the current monetary exchange rate at
                 approximately 46 pesos to one U.S. Dollar, this meant that our fund had
                 the equivalent of approximately $130. U.S.

                 After paying the above-mentioned expenses of 2,490 Pesos, the fund
                 is now left with a balance of only 3,510 Pesos -- which is only $76.30
                 U.S. Dollars. 

                The ship is sinking...

If you would like to help THE ALFONSO FUND save a child's life here in the Philippines, then you are welcome to send whatever amount you can afford.

ANOTHER PATIENT(as described in the following excerpts from a letter from us to Renato Alfonso):

... and your money arrived A-OK.  The arrival date was September 20, 2007.  The Money Transfer Control Number was 2851059778.  Western Union delivered it to their office here at the Prime Asia Western Union Office in Daanbantayan, and at today's exchange rate, the $300. U.S. that you sent was exchanged for  P 13, 355.88 Pesos. 

You will be happy to know that another life was saved six days ago thanks to the Alfonso Fund. 

The boy's name is Justin Rey Rosacena.  He was born on December 21, 2002, at Agujo, Daanbantayan.  His mother's name is Solome Rosacena, and his father's name is Justine Rey Rosacena.  The father is a fisherman, and his large family lives in what we would call a "grass shack" that is approximately 8' X 10'. 

The boy had a very high temperature -- 104 to 105 degrees.  I put my hand 6" from the boy's forehead, and I could feel the heat even from that distance.  This child was literally "cooking." 

Justin was rushed to the office of Dr. Nicomedes I. Jabel, Jr. (licence number 44068), and a prescription was written.  The prescription was filled at Debbie Rose Pharmacy at Torres St. Poblacion, Daanbantayan, Cebu.  Because of someone else's recommendation (regarding coughs and temperatures), we also bought some other medication at this pharmacy.  I can't remember how much the doctor charged, so I will pay for that portion of the bill on my own and not involve the fund.  

As indicated by the photos below, the prescription and other meds for this patient cost P 444. Pesos plus P 250 Pesos for a total of 694. Pesos. 

I didn't take photos of the child simply because my camera was at home, and I didn't have time to go home for the camera -- return to town -- take photos -- etc. 

It was obvious to everyone that the child would have died if someone was not here to take charge of the situation -- to provide medical care -- to buy medication -- etc. 

Now that your money has arrived, I will do more to pass the word throughout the Agujo community, so that more children can come to us for treatment.

I wish you could be here to see these kids.

We love you and miss you, man.

Your friends, Skip, Belle, Chip, and Flip

PS -- Here is the documentation regarding the above-mentioned patient.  I think we will start posting these descriptions on the website, if I can keep up with the work of doing so. 


September 21, 2007

At approximately 9 AM, a Barangay Councilor from Barangay Agujo came to Skip’s Beach Resort to report a medical problem that a local family is having. The Councilor’s name and address is as follows:

Zenaida [Zeny] Arriesgado
Bantique, Agujo
Daanbantayan, Cebu
Philippines 6013
International Telephone Number: 011-63-32-487-2707

The Councilor told us that four members of the Berot family had eaten some poisonous sea-anemone.  Therefore, they needed to go to the emergency room at Bliss Hospital.

Here in Southeast Asia, people often die from eating the “wrong” anemone -- and/or from failing to cook it correctly -- and/or from eating food that has gone bad because of lack of electricity for refrigeration.  

The four members of the family that became sick are as follows:

  1. Leo Degario Berot – 35 years of age – the father -- an unemployed farm laborer
  2. Leomar Berot – 8 years of age
  3. Angel Mae Berot – 6 years of age
  4. Bryan Berot – 4 years of age

 The mother, Marcela Cuyos Berot, is 29 years of age.  She is an unemployed farm laborer.  She did not get sick, because she did not eat the same food. 

The following actions were taken  -- as shown in the photos below:

  1. At Skip’s Beach Resort, Zeny (the Barangay Councilor) wrote down her name, address, and phone number – as well as the names of the involved sick persons.   A photo of the list is included below – just scroll down.
  2. Zeny, Belle, and Skip went to the Berot house.  (Photo attached)
  3. The patients were taken to the Bliss Hospital via a Motorcycle with a side-car (the motorcycle is shown in the above-mentioned photo).
  4. The patients were examined in the Emergency Room at Bliss Hospital, and they were placed in “Ward 3.”
  5. The patients were further examined by Dr. Lipardo.
  6. They were diagnosed as suffering from  severe food poisoning.
  7. During the examination, it was also determined that the oldest boy was suffering from a severe case of highly contagious pneumonia.
  8. Regarding the youngest child (the one using oxygen) it was also determined that boy had a severe case of parasites, including worms -- and that he was in danger of dying from this. 
  9. Treatment of all four patients involved intravenous replacement of  fluids, as well as other special medications..
  10. The youngest child could hardly breathe, even though he was being given oxygen.  We were told that this child needed to be sent, by ambulance, to a different hospital that is located in the town of Bogo (one hour away). 
  11. It was determined that the oldest child should be isolated from the other patients because his pneumonia was very contagious.  The doctor said that this child would ALSO need to be moved to the hospital in the Town of Bogo, where they have isolation facilities, proper masks, proper medication, etc.
  12. In other words, the doctor said that two of these children would need to be moved by ambulance to the hospital in the Town of Bogo where they could receive better medical care.
  13. Unfortunately, we could not pay for the ambulance to Bogo – or the treatment of both children at the hospital in Bogo – because it would have used up all of our available funds to do so.
  14. We were afraid to use up all of our funds on just these two patients, because that would leave us with absolutely NO MONEY to pay for other medical emergencies that would be coming up later today – or tomorrow  -- or the next day.  
  15. Because we did not have enough money to pay for the rest of the necessary care for the above-mentioned patients, we simply paid the expenses up to that time.
  16. The expenses to date were determined as follows (as shown in the attached photos of the bills):

      Leo.…………….... P 971.  Peso
Leomar…………...P730.  Pesos
Angel Mae………..P750.  Pesos
Bryan……………..P400.  Pesos
                             P 2,851.  Pesos

  1. The above amount did not include transportation by motorcycle with side-car (in photo by patient’s house).
  2. We paid the above-mentioned amount, after explaining to the book-keeper that we did not have enough money to do the other things she suggested (e.g. taking two of the children to Bogo by ambulance – treating the one child for pneumonia in Bogo, and the other child for parasites in Bogo).  
  3. We left those problems in the hands of the Bliss Hospital Administrators – doctors – nurses – etc.
  4. We assumed that all of the treatment for these four patients was going to be stopped as soon as we left the building. 
  5. We assumed that the two patients which ONLY had food poisoning would be OK because of the treatment and medication we got for them
  6. On the other hand, we do not know what the outcome will be regarding the little boy that we left with “un-treated” pneumonia – and the outcome of the baby that we left with an “un-treated” parasite infestation. 

Frankly, it is very frustrating for us when we do not have enough money to provide the needed medical care for these children.  When that happens, we are essentially forced to put baby's life at risk by letting nature take its own course (e.g. "If he lives, he lives -- and if he dies, he dies"). 



We were just told that the above-mentioned baby died. 

        Zanaida came here to give us a status report regarding the Berot family -- and the death of their baby.   This is what

1.      The baby was sent home (along with the rest of the family) from the hospital immediately after we left.

2.      They were sent home because there was no money to pay further medical bills – or to pay for moving the baby to a different hospital – or to pay for continuing treatment – etc.

         Amazingly, this baby died only because we didn't have enough money. 

        Even more amazing to us is the fact that a lot of people in this world don't
        even care that kids are needlessly dying here every day. 


September 26, 2007 -- 9:30 AM

The child, Vince Nino (see photo attached below), was brought to Skip’s Beach Resort with a very high fever. He was accompanied by his mother and his grandmother.  It was obvious that immediate medical care was needed.  A tricycle was used to take the mother and the child (photo attached) to the office of Dr. Nicomedes Jabel, Jr. (Lic. # 44068).  Dr. Nicomedes wrote a signed prescription (see photo attached). The prescription was filled at St. Gregory Pharmacy, as per invoice number 27679 (photo attached), in the amount of P 22 Pesos (approximately fifty cents U.S.).  There is a good possibility that we saved a child’s life for less than fifty cents – plus tricycle fare – plus a doctor’s bill (which we have not yet received).  Of course, when a bill from the doctor arrives, we will pay it immediately.     

CHILD:                                                     Vince Nino
DATE OF BIRTH:                                  January 15, 2007
ADDRESS:                                             Agujo, Daanbantayan
NAME AND WORK OF FATHER:      Romeo Almonicar (construction worker)
NAME AND WORK OF MOTHER:     Ricajoy Marcelino (housewife)


September 26, 1007 -- 1:30 PM

The child, Vincente (see photos below), was brought here to Skip's Beach Resort by his mother, Clemencia.  The child has a fever and cough.  Also, it appeared to us that the child was suffering from malnutrition -- AND that the child's head was very out of proportion to the rest of his body (malnutrition ?).  The child's mother indicated that the child has not had milk -- or any good food for a long time.  Also, he has never had vitamins.  The child was sent to the doctor's office.  A photo of the prescription, and other suggested medication, is included below.  A photo of the itemized receipt is also attached. 

NAME OF CHILD:                        Vincente Rosacenia
DATE OF BIRTH:                         June 15, 2006
AGE:                                                One year and three months
NAME OF FATHER:                    Nicolas Rosacenia
NAME OF MOTHER:                   Clemencia Rosacinia
EMPLOYMENT OF FATHER:    Unemployed fisherman

As indicated by the above prescriptions and receipts, this child's bills were paid for by the Alfonso Fund in the amount of P486.10 -- plus 50 Pesos for transportation -- for a total of P536.10. 

Our goal is to expand this program to the point where no child in our community will need to die simply because the parents can not afford to get appropriate medical treatment for the child.


On October 3, 2007, at approximately 2:30 PM, the following child was brought to us...

PATIENT;  Aljon Dublie
DATE OF BIRTH;  April 10, 2007 (approximately six months old)
FATHER’S NAME;  Allan Dublie (tricycle driver)
MOTHER’S NAME:  Dona Dublie (not employed)
ADDRESS:  Bantique, Daanbantayan, Cebu, Philippines

 This baby has a very heavy cough, and his chest is very congested.  We can hear his chest rattle as he is breathing.  

 Doctor DeLeon (at Daanbantayan) examined the child, and wrote a prescription. The prescription was delivered to our home, and we had one of our workers go back to the pharmacy to pay for the medication. 

             [In this culture we never give people money to pay for medication, because they might use the money for other
             purposes.  We purchase the medication for these people, by going to the pharmacy with them.  That is the only
            way we can know for sure that the sick child will actually get the prescribed medication.]

The cost of medication (via the receipt from St. Gregory Pharmacy)…  150.75 Pesos
The cost of a tricycle (both ways)……………………………………………    14.     Pesos
Total cost………………………………………………………………..............   164.75  Pesos


On October 5, 2007, Clint Anderson and his five year old daughter Candy just came out of the jungle and stopped at Skip’s Beach Resort for a visit.  They got here at approximately 3:00 PM.  Clint mentioned that they had encountered an 8 year old girl in the jungle, and that two of the girl's fingers had been cut with a machete. 

He said that the fingers were cut to the bone – that the hand was swollen and discolored – that it looked like the bones in both fingers might be broken (a worrisome issue) --  that the local “witch-doctor” had put some kind of a “tar” substance on the wounds – and that the wounds were already infected (infections that are not treated can become fatal here).

Clint said that no one in that area spoke English, so he had a hard time communicating with the locals regarding names, locations, etc.  However, Clint said he “thought” he could find the place again.  Therefore, Skip and Clint went on a sojourn to find the girl.  They eventually found her house, but they were told that the girl had gone to her grandmother’s house for further witch-doctor treatment.  They eventually found the grandmother’s house, and met the girl. 

When Skip and Clint saw the wounds, they both agreed that the child should get medical care to determine if bones in the fingers were broken, and to treat the infection before it became worse.  Clint agreed to use his truck to take the girl and her father to the Daanbantayan Clinic / Hospital for an examination and treatment.  Skip gave Clint one of the Skip’s Beach Resort business cards, together with 300 Pesos (approximately $6. U.S.), to give to the doctor to at least “partially” pay for treatment, medication, etc.  The doctor knows that Skip will always pay for any additional charges.     

Right now, we do not know the name of the girl or her parents. However, we will have that information (and include it here) after we meet with the parents -- and after we get the receipt from the doctor's office. 

It is now 6:30 PM, and we just called Clint via his cell phone.  He and Candy are still at the doctor's office with the patient.  More later...  

It is now 8:00 PM.  Clint and Candy just came back to Skip's Beach Resort from the Doctor's office. 

The injured girl (see photos below) that Clint and his daughter found in the jungle is Mary Ann Dublin.  She is eight years old.  Her father's name is Renaldo Dublin, and her family lives at Barangay Tapilon, Daanbantayan, Cebu.  In Tapilon, the Barangay Captain's name is NIck Rojas.  Nick and Skip are close personal friends (in fact, Nick is the Godfather of Skip's son, Flip).  The total bill regarding the treatment of Mary Ann's injury was in the amount of 500 Pesos (approximately $11. U.S.).  A photo of the receipt is included below... 

How could anyone refuse to help children like these ???

ANOTHER PATIENT (photos below):

Glecy Mea Canales – 2 years old
Grandmother: Roberta Canales
Father:  Gato [meaning "Cat"] Bog-ot – fisherman
Mother:– Antoneta Canales – housekeeper unemployed
Address:  Agujo, Daanbantayan
Pneumonia – severe congestion
Admitted to Bliss Hospital on October 5, 2007

OCTOBER 4, 2007 -- 9:30 A.M. 

1.  The baby's grandmother (pictured above) came to the beach with baby Roberta (two years old).  The baby had a high
      temperature -- she was coughing violently -- and she appeared to have pneumonia.
2.  We rushed the baby directly to the Bliss Hospital, because we thought the baby was dying.
2.  The baby was diagnosed as having pneumonia.
3.  It was projected that the baby would need to be hospitalized for three days. 
5.  The hospital will notify us when the child is ready to be released. 
6.  When the child is ready to be released, we will go there -- pay the bills -- get receipts -- and take a few photos of the girl (for
     our own records).
7.  More later...

OCTOBER 7, 2007 -- 11:30 AM

1.  The baby is ready to be released, so we paid the bills, and filled a prescription for continued treatment at home (receipts
     are included directly below).
2.  The family stopped at our beach on the way back to their home -- to have coffee with us. 
3.  The photos of baby Roberta (in her father's arms) -- and the receipts (attached below) were taken at our beach.

    The nurse told us that this baby would probably have died if we had failed to take her to the hospital for treatment.

The cost of saving this baby's life was as follows:

Hospital bill (including treatment and medication)................................................ 530. Pesos
Medication to be administered at home...................................................................145. Pesos
Transportation by tricycle (motorcycle with side-car)...........................................  30. Pesos
TOTAL...........................................................................................................................705. Pesos ($15.66 U.S.)
Plus transportation which we paid ourselves...

                In the Philippines it is often possible to save a child's life for less than $4. U.S. This is probably less
                than you would pay for a pack of cigarettes in America. 

                Which is more important to you... ???


September 1, 2007...

THE ALFONSO FUND has never solicited and/or accepted financial contributions from the general public. 

To date, we have only used our own money -- AND money that belongs to Mr. Renato Alfonso -- AND money that belongs to Skip Ellsworth -- AND money that belongs to our personal friends who understand the socio-economic problems that exist among the poorer classes of people that often can be found here in the Philippines. 

The problem is... now that we are going "public" (via public postings, etc.) with our offer to pay the emergency medical expenses of children in this area we often find that we can not keep up with the monetary demands that are being made upon our limited financial recourses. 

Therefore we are telling a larger group of our personal friends about the financial problems the Alfonso Fund is facing here -- as follows:


        #1.  If you choose to send money to help with this objective, we guarantee
                that absolutely ALL of the money you send will be used to facilitate
                paying the medical expenses of poor children in this area -- children
                that would otherwise not receive medical care -- children that might die
                without your help.  

       #2. Absolutely NONE of your money is used to pay for rent -- offices --
                postage -- gasoline -- furniture -- telephones -- internet connections --
                email --printing -- items for personal use -- etc. 

         #3. As an alternative to just sending money, you might want to actually
                "come" here and volunteer to help us with this program. 

Periodically, we will post the names and addresses of every person that sends money (unless they prefer to remain anonymous) to help save the lives of poor Filipino children -- AND we will post the amount that each person sends -- AND we will show the amount that is spent on each child that receives medical care.  

This will give a total regarding the amounts that arrive here -- AND a total regarding the amount spent on each child -- AND a total regarding the amount of cash on hand at any given time.

Whenever possible, we will provide photos of the children that receive treatment.

Please email any suggestions that you might have.

                1.  Go to any Western Union Office -- anywhere in the world.
          2.  Use a WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER to send whatever amount
               you can afford to the fund manager, "Maribel Ellsworth"
          3.  This "Money Transfer" should be sent to the Western Union Office called
               "Prime Asia Western Union Office" at Daanbantayan, Cebu, Philippines.
          4.  The specific address of the "Prime Asia Western Union Office" is as
                            Maribel Ellsworth [recipient]
                            Prime Asia Western Union Office   
                            Town of Daanbantayan
                            Island of Cebu
                            Philippines 6013 

         5.  Email the "MONEY TRANSFER CONTROL NUMBER" to us as soon as
              possible.  Our email address is as follows:

              On behalf of the poor Filipino children, we thank you in advance...

ANOTHER PATIENT:  October 9, 2007.

This patient's name is Berthlygoon Capilitan.  He resides at Bantique, Agujo, Daanbantayan, Cebu, Philippines. 

We have question about this patient -- as follows:  Our Alfonso Fund is designed primarily to help babies and young children.  However, we feel that it would be a tragedy for us to purposefully let someone die simply because they are no longer a child.  Purposefully let someone die ???  The absurdity of such a thought would probably make us laugh if it was not so tragic.  What should we do about this dilemma ???  Please give me some feedback, because it is YOUR money I am spending here. 

Our latest problem pertaining to a patient being "over-age" occurred this morning, when Jessel Capilitan (and her father who remained silent while here) came to us for help.  Jessel, who speaks English well, explained that her brother Berthlygoon, age approximately 21(she didn't know her brother's exact age), has severe diarrhea and a very high fever.  Among their neighbors, the consensus of opinion was that Berthygoon has Dengue Fever. 

It should be noted that many people DIE here from Dengue Fever -- EVEN IF THEY RECEIVE MEDICAL TREATMENT

As matters turned out, I finally told this family that the Alfonso Fund will pay the expenses for this "over-age" patient -- but ONLY up to the amount of 2,000 Pesos, which is approximately $46.38 U.S.  I agreed to do this for the following (and other) reasons:  Berthlygoon might die if he is deprived of medical care.  He is a poor fisherman.  He is married, and he has one newborn child.  His child was with Jessel (see photo below).  This means he has a baby to support.  His wife is not employed.  The only hope for that family (including the baby) is for Berthlygoon to get back on his feet as quickly as possible so he can go out in his small boat to catch fish.  Therefore, when we take care of Berthlygoon we are also taking care of his baby

If any of our donors complains about us spending their money for Berthlygoon's medical care, then I will pay this out of my own pocket.

Essentially, the Alfonso Fund was created to take care of "children."  However, if a sick person that is "older" comes to us for help -- and if the person might DIE without our help -- then I personally believe that we should save the person's life if we have enough money on hand.

Jessel and her father took Berthlygoon to the Dublin Hospital, where he was hospitalized immediately.  Dr. Dublin confirmed that he is suffering from Dengue Fever (which includes severe diarrhea -- a very high fever -- and dehydration).  He was given dextrose, and other medication, and the doctor said he will probably be in the hospital for at least two or three days. 

More information will be added here when the bills come in... 


Dr. C. Gigante McBaine (Dr. Mac), just donated P2682.68 Pesos to the Alfonso Fund.  He is currently in the process of developing the "JKD Hospital Foundation's Volunteer Doctor's Program" that will hopefully have branches in every third-world country.  The following email was recently sent by Dr. Mac to another person that wants to help the underprivileged children.  

Please read more about Dr. Mac's work on our chapter called SAVE THE LIVES OF FILIPINO CHILDREN -- CHAPTER #2.

----- Original Message -----
From: Dr. C. Gigante McBaine (Dr. Mac)
Cc: ;
Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2007 11:01 PM
Subject: Re: JKD Book (Reply 3)

Hi Philipp:

Thank you for your interest and getting back with me about this programme.

The "JKD Hospital Foundation's Volunteer Doctors Programme" is presently still in its developmental stages, and most probably will not be ready until late 2008, or 2009. But, if you're interested in visiting and volunteering at the location in near future,  the location we will be spending some time at , then please do contact my friend and former student of Sijo Bruce Lee, Mr. Skip Ellsworth at:

I know that he would be more than pleased to help direct you in anyway he can.

Here is his website as well:

Please know the "all" funds paid for the purchase of my JKD Book and the JKD Lithograph go to either the Clinic in Nepal, or Skip's Hospital Project in the Philippines.

I promise to keep you updated on the Volunteer Doctors Programme as it evolves. There are also Doctors in the U.S. who had also expressed interest in this Programme just yesterday as well.

Thank you again for your help!

Dr. Mac

We sincerely thank you for "your" help, Dr. Mac -- and we are looking forward to helping you with your own very worthwhile project in any way we can.  Also, we are greatly looking forward to your visit.

Frankly, it amazes me that EVERYONE is not working on projects like these.  

It is now October 12, 2007
.  Further information about Berthlygoon is as follows:  Berthlygoon's father just came to our home with the "almost" final bill (not including today's additional charges).  His photo, with him holding the "partial" bill, is included below.

I went to the clinic to get the "final" bill, and the supporting documents. The final bill (as amended) came to 4,170 Pesos.   While there, I took a couple of photos of Berthlygoon in the hallway of the hospital (with one of his many little brothers) -- and of the hospital itself -- and of the bill being prepared -- and of my note being read by a nurse prior to us discussing this with the doctor and the bookkeeper -- etc.

The receipt that I prepared was ONLY for the portion (2,000 Pesos) of the bill that we paid -- including an explanation to the hospital regarding why we are only paying 2,000 Pesos (instead of the total amount of 4,170.50 Pesos) -- and including a place for a "signature of acknowledgement" (on our copy of the receipt I prepared) from the Hospital's bookkeeper.  In addition, I also got a "normal" receipt from the hospital's bookkeeper.

This is how I see it: 

        1.   Berthlygoon's family might not have taken him to the hospital (and/or let him stay in the hospital) if we had not agreed
              to pay half of the bill.
        2.   The nurses told us that Berthlygoon probably would have died if we had not taken charge and enabled him to go to
              the hospital. 
        3.   In other words, it looks like YOUR MONEY saved Berthlygoon's life -- for a total of $46.38 U.S. 

Berthlygoon was still very weak when he left the hospital.  However, he is extremely  happy (together with his entire family, and the entire community) that the Alfonso Fund paid almost half of his medical bill.  


Mr. Will Shebel and his family (wife Sheryl -- son True -- and son Timmy) are currently living in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York.  They just finished building a new home by themselves.  They previously lived in the Philippines, and both of their sons were born here.  Because Will and Sheryl have lived in the Philippines, they have a good understanding of the type of poverty and medical emergencies that exist here.  They will soon be moving back to the Philippines, and ironically they are in the process of purchasing farm land right here in Daanbantayan.  In other words, the Shebel family and the Ellsworth family will soon be neighbors. 

Obviously, the Shebels are REAL Christians who take their faith very seriously.  Their much-needed donation of $100, U.S.  arrived here by Western Union (Money Transfer Control Number 512-969-8399) on October 10, 2007.  The current exchange rate (Pesos for Dollars) is P 4,312.82 Pesos for $100. U.S. Dollars. This means that the Shebel family now has P 4,312.82 Pesos here in the Philippines, AND their money will be spent only on emergency health care for poor Filipino children.  In my opinion, we will be able to save a minimum of four lives with money that belongs to the Shebel family.  It is common for a child's life to be saved here for 500 Pesos worth of antibiotics.

We thank the Shebels profusely, and we are eager to get together with these awesome people.

I will add the bio-data regarding the rest of our patients as time permits.  Please check back periodically.

ANOTHER PATIENT: Sunday, Oct 21, 2007 – 6 PM.  Another patient was just brought to us – as follows:

Leo Condes, Jr. -- born on September 5, 2007
Father:  Leo Condes, Sr. (fisherman)
Mother:  Cheryl Condes  (housewife)
Address:  Bantigue, Agujo, Daanbantayan

This two month old patient was brought to our home by his mother.  He had a severe cough and a high fever.  He was taken to the Dublin Clinic in downtown Daanbantayan.  The prescriptions cost 160 Pesos and 115 Pesos, for a total of 275 Pesos.  The tricycle (for transportation) cost 20 Pesos. 

ANOTHER PATIENT: Sunday, Oct 21, 2007 – 6 PM.  Another patient was just brought to us – as follows:

Patient:        Jade Monacello
Age:              2 years old
Birth Date:  January 5, 2005
Father:         Unknown
Mother:        Sheryl Monacello (supposedly working somewhere in Mandaue)
Grandmother:  Juanita Monacello (unemployed)
Grandfather:    Edwardo Monacello (unemployed) 

The baby was brought to my the resort by the grandmother who has custody.  The child has a cough and a high fever.  I could not leave the resort because there were too many customers here.  Therefore we sent the grandmother and the child to Dr. Dublin’s clinic by motorcycle (unaccompanied by me).  The child is to be examined by the doctor AND the doctor is to write a prescription if one is necessary.  After that, the grandmother is to return to our place with the prescription and the cost.  By then I am hoping I can leave here to go pay the bill – get the prescription filled – and send the patient home by motorcycle.  For their transportation by motorcycle (four rides) it will cost a total of 80 pesos.  Right now we do not know anything at all about the medical costs.

Two hours later: 

1.  The grandmother came back with the prescription and the bill.
2.  I could not go to the clinic to pay the bill because there are still a lot of customers here at the resort.
3.  We sent Belle's brother into the clinic with the grandmother.
4.  He paid the bill -- got the medication -- gave the medication to the child's grandmother -- rode back to the resort -- and sent
     the grandmother and the baby on their way via the same motorcycle.
5.  The total expenses were as follows: 

                        Medication........................503 Pesos
                        Motorcycle.......................   50 Pesos (instead of 80)
                        Total.................................. 530 Pesos


NAME:  ROGER MONACILLO (39 years of age):
BIRTH-DATE:  July 6, 1968
OCCUPATION:  Unemployed laborer
ADDRESS: Bantigue, Agujo, Daanbantayan
WIFE'S NAME: Gina Monacillo
ILLNESS: Tonsillitis, high fever, can't swallow, can't eat

This patient's wife was brought to us by one of the Agujo Community Councilors, named Luz Viminda Banon. 

The wife had two prescriptions.  We did some research, and discovered that one of the prescriptions would cost 95 Pesos, and the other would cost 973 Pesos.  Neither of the prescriptions could be filled in Daanbantayan, because the medications are not available here.  Therefore, this requires a trip to the nearby town of Bogo by bus -- at a transportation cost of 60 Pesos (round trip, including motorcycles to and from the bus at both ends of the trip) -- for a total expense of 1,128 Pesos.

So far, we gave them 700 Pesos, with the understanding that they will go to Bogo -- buy part of the medicine today -- return with the receipt -- and then we will give them the rest of the money to buy the rest of the medicine tomorrow.  Both of these people have been to our home twice regarding this mission.  They will return again tomorrow to give us the receipts and a status report -- and to get the additional 428 Pesos.

The next day:  The wife returned, and it was established that she did in fact purchase the first half of the antibiotic pills. We therefore gave her the other half of the money (500 Pesos including transportation) for the final half of the pills. 

Below are photos of the medicine -- and receipts -- regarding the second half of the above-mentioned antibiotic pills.


Mr. Nilo Pilapil, came to us regarding his son that has a very high fever, cough, etc.  This might be another case of Dengue Fever -- which is often fatal.

FATHER'S NAME: Nilo Pilapil
ADDRESS: Agujo, Daanbantayan, Cebu
AGE: 43
OCCUPATION: Never any steady work -- currently unemployed
WIFE'S NAME:  Josephine Pilapil
WIFE'S OCCUPATION:  Absolutely none...

PATIENT NAME:  Nilo Pilapil, Jr.
PATIENT AGE:     17 years
BIRTH-DATE:       January 1, 1990
OCCUPATION:     Absolutely none

Belle's brother is currently on his way into town to buy the antibiotics.  More information in an hour...

The antibiotics are now here -- as follows:

As indicated by the above receipt, the total cost for the antibiotic pills was 77.50 Pesos -- plus 20 Pesos for transportation.  At the current exchange rate of 45.50 Pesos per $1. U.S. that means that we probably just saved a life for less than two dollars.

Is that awesome... or what ??? 


PATIENT NUMBER ONE:  Lemuel John Solon (one month old)
PATIENT'S AGE:     Born on September 23, 2007 FATHER'S NAME:  Lemuel Solon (23 years old)
ADDRESS: Bontigue, Agujo, Daanbantayan
AGE: 23
WIFE'S NAME:  Jevelyn Rosacenia ((20 years old)

PATIENT NUMBER TWO:  Enrique Rosacena
PATIENT'S AGE:  Six years old (born on June 12, 2001)
ADDRESS: Same as patient above
FATHER'S NAME:  Julito Rsacena (49 years old)
MOTHER'S NAME:  Arelia Rosacena (51 years old)

These patients were brought to us by the guardians, because they live in the same house.  The baby has a severe cough, high temperature, and diarrhea.  In our opinion, the baby will die if we do not get medical care for him immediately.

The older boy was also quite ill with the same symptoms.  We immediately made arrangements for both of these kids to be taken to the Hospital.        

As indicated above, the total bill (so far) for prescriptions totals P665. Pesos -- plus P624. Pesos -- plus transportation of 60. Pesos) -- for a total of P1,349. Pesos which has already been paid.  To date, we have not received a bill from the hospital.

CASE CLOSED (at least partially)...  -- LIVES SAVED.

MOTHER:                     Marcella Cuyoca
OCCUPATION:            None
AGE:                              50
FATHER:                      Abondio Coyca
OCCUPATION:           Fisherman -- but no work
AGE:                              57

PATIENT'S NAME:   Rodito Coyoca
Address:                     Balokbolok, Daanbantayan, Cebu
Age:                             17
Occupation:               Not a student -- no work

The illness:  This patient's mother was brought to us by the Barangay Councilor, Gaga Banan.  Gaga, and the Barangay Council are cooperating with us in furthering our work here.  The patent has has a very high fever for three days -- dizziness --  vomiting -- diarrhea -- etc.  The patient was too weak to come here, so we sent the mother to a doctor in Daanbantayan.  He suspected that the patient is suffering from Dengue Fever, and prescribed the following medications:

The doctor attached a yellow "stick-on" note (see above) indicating that the patient is indigent.

We then sent one of our own employees to buy the medication.  The mother (and Gaga) waited for our employee to return.  The total bill (so far) was determined to be P250 Pesos (including transportation). 


Leni Apostol gave birth to twins.  They were very pre-mature.  They weighed a little more than two pounds each.  They are having great difficulty breathing -- they can not eat.  They are dying.  We sent them to the hospital.  At this time, both of them have a hose in their nose -- both of them have an oxygen mask with oxygen -- both of them are being fed and hydrated intravenously -- etc.  The doctor indicated that both of these babies would die without continuing medical care. 

MOTHER:                     Leni Talingting Apostol
OCCUPATION:            None
AGE:                              27
FATHER:                      Mario Apostol
OCCUPATION:           Fisherman
AGE:                              30
FAMILY ADDRESS:   Titayan, Agujo, Daanbantayan, Cebu, Philippines 6013

The bill came to 3,500 Pesos.  If we pay this bill of 3,500 Pesos (approximately $88. U.S.) this will use up a large portion of our fund.  If we do this consistently, it would mean that instead of providing medicine for "many" we would only be providing medicine for a "few."

            I said that we would get back to them on this.  What are your thoughts ???

            This is YOUR money we are using here, so we need your input.

            Help !!!

Continuing with the above...  Sunday, October 28, 2007, 9 AM: 

The Agujo Barangay Councilor (Gaga Banan, telephone number 032-437-8291) came to our resort with the grandfather of the twins.  She came with him, because he speaks no English at all, and because the Barangay is concerned about these bills.  The twins are ready to leave the hospital now, but they will not be allowed to leave until the bill is paid (a common problem here). 

The total bill (copy below) is in the amount of 3,530 Pesos.  However, the family was able to borrow 1,000 Pesos from their poor fishermen friends.  Therefore, I paid 2,530 Pesos -- as per the photos immediately below:

The twins will now be at "their" house (with the rest of their family) within the next three hours. 


Before the  Barangay Councilor left, she gave us a list of six more children -- LISTED BELOW -- that will need to be taken to the hospital for various reasons.  Without help (so far we have not paid any salaries out of the Alfonso Fund, although I often use the Resort Employees to help), I can not track these patients down to help them.  Unless they die first, we expect the following patients to arrive here at any moment. 

1.  Via Almonicar (7 years old)
2.  Maria Monterde (1 year old)                 -- ARRIVED OK
3.  Mary Kris Payonos (10 months old)  -- ARRIVED OK
4.  Jave Pagatpatan (2 years old)             -- ARRIVED OK
5.  Christian Bug-ot (7 years old)
6.  Irish Bug-ot (3 years old)


NAME:                            Mary Cris Payunos
ADDRESS:                    Bakhawan, Daanbantayan, Cebu, Philippines
AGE:                                10 months
NAME OF DOCTOR:    Dr. Marbella
SYMPTOMS:                  Fever, dehydration, congestion

As indicated above, the bills were as follows:          567 Pesos
                                                                                         407 Pesos
                                                                                         200 Pesos
                                                                                       1174 Pesos (plus transportation)


NAME:                                            Jave Pagatpatan                     
ADDRESS:                                    Daanbantayan, Cebu, Philippines                     
AGE:                                               Two years old -- born on July 3, 2005
OCCUPATION OF MOTHER:    Not employed            
THE PROBLEM:   Jave was brought to our home by her father (photo below).  She had a very high temperature, severe
diarrhea, dehydration, and was not able to respond in a normal manner.  In our opinion, she was near death. 

Of course, we arranged for the girl to be brought to the hospital.

After 11 days in the hospital, the girl has completely recovered.  The hospital bill was determined to be P2,150 Pesos (as per the photo below). 

One of the photos (below) shows us while in the process of dispersing the funds. 

In our opinion:  CASE CLOSED... A LIFE SAVED !!!


NAME:                                Alicely Conde Taok
ADDRESS:                        Laray, Agujo, Daanbantayan, Cebu, Philippines 6013
AGE:                                    22
MARITAL STATUS:         Not married
OCCUPATION:                 None
THE PROBLEM:               Nine months pregnant -- water broke -- the baby can not come out because of deformity of mother's
                                              body.  Mother was either born with the deformity, or she was the victim of something like Polio.  One
                                              leg and hip is VERY different than the other, and she walks with a pronounced limp.            

We were advised of this case by a group of people in the community.  They came to us and asked our help regarding this girl -- her pregnancy -- the complications -- the expenses -- etc.  We loaded some of them in our van, and immediately left for the hospital. where the girl had already been admitted.

The Doctor at the Bliss Hospital (third and fourth photo directly above), reported the following:
            1.  This patient is not capable of delivering a baby normally, because of her badly deformed body. 
            2.  The patient's water was running, and would soon be completely gone.
            3.  The baby's heartbeat was slowing down rapidly.
            4.  Bliss Hospital was not equipped to deal with this medical emergency.
            5.  Because Cebu City (and the Sotto Hospital) is three hours away, the patient needed to leave by ambulance
                 immediately -- with a mid-wife in attendance in case there were more complications -- or even if there was an auto
                 accident while on the way to the city.
            6.  Both the baby's life and the life of the patient were in danger.
            7.  It would cost 1,500 Pesos to send the patient to the city (see doctors note included below). 
            8.  The 1,500 Pesos would not include the cost of hospital care to date (at Bliss) -- or the cost of the midwife.

The deformity of the "right leg-foot" can be seen in some of the photos above. 

We paid the 1,500 Pesos immediately, and said we would ask permission to pay the rest.  We indicated that we needed permission to pay the rest because we are only authorized to pay for the care of children up to 18 years of age -- and this patient is 22 years old.  
All of the paper-work was not done yet, but it appears that the total cost at the Bliss Hospital (including the Ambulance) will be approximately 2,000 Pesos. 

Of course, we do not know what the medical costs will be in the city -- perhaps for a cesarean birth.

We do not even know if the hospital in the city will treat this patient if no one agrees to pay the bill.

                Frankly, I don't know what to do about the fact that our fund was originally set up to take care of
               As for me, I can not use a person's age as an excuse to walk away from a situation like the one
               described above -- or even
ANY situation that involves a genuine risk to someone's life. 
               If ANYONE out there is actually reading this... what are your thoughts ???
               Thank you in advance for your input. 

While we were at the Bliss Hospital, the book-keeper rushed up to us with three different medical bills -- all involving children under 18 years of age. 

These cases involved such things as high fevers -- persistent coughs -- pneumonia -- and other illnesses. 

I examined the hospital records, and these bills are in order.  The total came to 440 Pesos.  I paid all three bills. 

I didn't have time to take photos of these three patients, because we had to get back to the resort to take care of our hotel-guests. 

NAME:  Maria Deniel Monterde
AGE:  22 months
BIRTHDATE: December 14, 2006
NAME OF FATHER:  Peter Monterde
AGE OF FATHER:  43 -- no work
NAME OF MOTHER:  Rosilita Monterde
AGE OF MOTHER:  37 -- no work
ADDRESS:  Sitio Laray, Barangay Agujo, Town of Daanbantayan, Cebu, Philippines 6013

This patient had a severe diarrhea, a high temperature, and was suffering from dehydration.  In the Philippines, children often die of this combination.  Fortunately, we were here with the money, and we guaranteed the hospital that we would take care of the bills.  Therefore, this baby will not die.

We thank everyone who has helped with this valuable program.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you. 

The bill that we paid so far is in the amount of P832. Pesos.

Our good friend William Shebel,
and his family (wife Sheryl -- son True -- and son Timmy) who are now living in America but will soon be moving to Daanbantayan, just sent another generous contribution to the Alfonso Fund. 

Specifically, they sent $100. U.S., which transferred as P4,243.74 Pesos.  These funds were sent in care of Maribel Ellsworth on November 4, 2007, via Western Union's "Prime Asia Office" here in Daanbantayan (Money Transfer Control Number 1209627155). 

The accompanying message was as follows: 

                "Please add this to the Alfonso Fund for the good work you are doing for the people.  Will"

Obviously, Will and his family are good Christian people -- and we thank them for their generosity.    

PATIENT:                                          Guendile Catalonia
PATIENT'S AGE:                             Four years old -- born October 15, 2003
PATIENT'S FATHER:                     Alverto Catalonia
PATIENT'S MOTHER:                    Abalina Catalonia
OCCUPATION OF PARENTS:      Farmers (no income now)

Symptoms:  High fever, and cough

Medical bill of 180 Pesos paid in full.

PATIENT:                                       Shara Mae Casinillo  
PATIENT'S AGE:                          five years old
PATIENT'S FATHER:                  none
PATIENT'S MOTHER:                 none

Both parents are dead, and this girl is being raised by the community -- relatives -- etc.

Symptoms:  High fever, cough, diarrhea

Medical bills of 180 Pesos, paid in full.


The photo immediately below shows Renato Alfonso (co-founder of the ALFONSO FUND) on the right -- Skip Ellsworth in the center -- and Sebastian Alfonso (Renato's son) on the left.  Skip ran the program for years on his own, WITHOUT HAVING A NAME FOR IT.  However, the lack of money for paying the medical bills was always a major problem, because it all came out of his own pocket. 

Renato first visited Skip in the Philippines in approximately 1994.  The last time he visited was approximately one month ago (September, 2007).  When Renato heard about what Skip was doing to help these poor Filipino kids, he immediately donated 6,000 Pesos -- later on, he donated another 13,355.88 Pesos.  It was Renato's original donation that started the FUND, and gave it a name. 

Another good friend of Skip's (William Shebel) has now come forward to help.  He and his wonderful family made a "first" donation of 4,312.82 Pesos -- and later on they made a second donation of 4, 243.74 Pesos. 

Fortunately, another of Skip's generous friends has now come forward to help these poor Filipino children.  His name is Dr. C. Gigante McBaine (Dr. Mac) <>.  He is a member (as is Skip) of the Jeet Kune Do Brotherhood that was founded by our mutual "brother" Paul Bax.  This wonderfully kind medical doctor is involved in many interesting projects.  For example he is a Jeet Kune D0 [martial arts] instructor (currently living in Thailand) -- he is a dedicated Martial Artist -- he has a clinic that treats poor people -- he just finished writing an excellent book that describes what Jeet Kune Do is really about -- he created a beautiful lithograph (regarding Bruce Lee) and he has offered to donate the proceeds of the sales of the lithograph to the ALFONSO FUND -- and the list goes on.  Please check out what he is doing at the following address: .  Dr. Mac recently donated $60. U.S. -- P2,652.68 Pesos -- to the FUND, and it happened just in time, because we were almost out of money.

                         Incidentally, the amounts of the donations shown above are so strangely "specific" only
                         because of the monetary exchange rates, which vary on a daily basis.

Paul Bax is a Bruce Lee Historian -- he is a dedicated Martial Artist -- he has been a close friend of Skip's for many years -- he founded the
Jeet Kune Do Brotherhood ( ) -- and he is promoting the Alfonso Fund on his website in an effort to save the lives of children here.  We are hoping that Paul will soon come to the Philippines for an extended visit.  

The man in the photos directly below is of one of Skip's GUARDIAN brothers that volunteers to help us find desperate parents of children that might be dying.   We need help with this, because many of the local farmers and fishermen do not know how to read.  The "brother" shown below had just delivered a patient to us and he then helped us with the communication process.  Skip is a member of THE GUARDIANS, and his membership in that good organization is explained elsewhere in this website. The tattoos on the thumb-web of each hand (see below) are two of the three "GUARDIAN" tattoos that can be found on each member. 



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"Going to church does not make you a Christian any more than sleeping in your garage makes you a car."     Garrison Keiler

"Each person must alone decide what is right and what is wrong, which action is honorable and which isn't. You cannot shirk this and be a good person. To decide against your conviction makes you a traitor, both to yourself and to your fellow man."      Mark Twain

"By far the most dangerous foe we have to fight is apathy - indifference from whatever cause, not from a lack of knowledge, but from selfishness, from absorption in other pursuits, from a contempt for the poor and underprividged"     William Osler (Canadian Physician, 1849-1919)


A child who lives with ridicule learns to be timid.
A child who lives with criticism learns to condemn.
A child who lives with distrust learns to be deceitful.
A child who lives with antagonism learns to be hostile.

A child who lives with affection learns how to love.
A child who lives with encouragement learns to be confident.
A child who lives with truth learns about justice.
A child who lives with praise learns how to appreciate.
A child who lives with sharing learns how to be considerate.
A child who lives with knowledge discovers wisdom.
A child who lives with patience learns how to be tolerant.
A child who lives with happiness will find love and beauty.

                Obviously, a child who is dead has no life at all. 

                   Can we let a child die simply because the parents can not afford to pay for medical care ???