Relaxing is Essential

By adopting the chenot method of work we gradually unfold our holistic vision to detoxify, rejuvenate and improve the vitality, the spirit and wellbeing of our precious guests.

Hotel Xenia, is a luxury spa hotel inviting guests to embark on a journey of wellness and optimal health. Aiming to meet the challenges of modern life, the stressful way of living, the unhealthy lifestyle choices and lack of physical activities, this luxury spa resort offers a holistic wellness program through an amazing range of spa therapies, hydro-biontology sessions, aesthetic and beauty treatments as well as bio-light meals that will bring the mind, body and spirit into full alignment.

Xenia Spa offers visitors a unique experience of relaxation and self pampering. Ultimate relaxation with an entirely holistic approach to health and beauty awaits you at Xenia SPA, an individual and unique place that combines an inspiring array of restorative treatments – custom-designed personal experiences, rejuvenating facial and body treatments.

Xenia Spa is a dazzlingly glam sanctuary of elegance and serenity, a seductive oasis of luxury for living